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the passion that feeds me

my interest in cooking started when i was in middle school. i'd return home from school excited to put together my afternoon snack. although my go-to's primarily involved pita pizza and chicken quesadillas, my enthusiasm to combine flavors was blooming. fast forward to moving into my first apartment at age 19, cooking became part of my daily practice, and i haven't stopped since.

i'd call my cooking style hyper-seasonal. if it's not growing in my region, i won't buy it. of course i make exceptions for things akin to citrus, nuts, and olive oil, but predominantly, i cook with whatever is currently flourishing. there is truly nothing more exciting than biting into the first tomato of the season. while accepting you can't always have it all may be a challenge to some, i assure you that waiting till produce returns to relish in its beauty is worth it.

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i do my best to support as many local farms, mills, and dairies as possible. partly to reduce my carbon footprint and support small businesses, but mainly because the idea of cooking with ingredients grown in my region is an exciting challenge. in addition to sourcing local, i roam the woods for edible treasures–wild garlic and mustard in the spring, a plethora of herbs throughout the summer, with mushrooms emerging in the fall. in spring and summer i also turn to my garden to provide me with its seasonal treasures.

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from boules to pizza and everything in between

i started my sourdough journey at the turn of the new year. after nearly 30 loaves under my belt, my take-away is that it is an incredibly humbling art. no matter how many loaves you've made, there is always a chance you will completely botch your boule. while that may frustrate some, for me, it's an opportunity for growth.

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for every season

growing up hummus was something that came in a container; thick, mellow in flavor, and eaten cold as a snack. after living in israel and experiencing hummus the proper way, it became one of my go-to meals. the simplicity and flexibility of hummus is what makes it one of my favorites. while my hummus base always starts the same, the toppings or additives vary based on the season. 

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from small batch amaro to wild sodas

i didn't drink much soda as a kid, but after starting a ginger bug i began to play around with fermented brews. these seasonal wild sodas fall somewhere between kombucha and ginger beer, and the experimentation opened me up to the world of botanical beverages. from there, i began concocting small-batch amari, and now my shelves are lined with hand crafted bittersweet liqueurs.

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